Frequently Asked Questions

How are your projects charged for ?

The project manager will provide an estimate describing the various aspects of the project and estimated duration .We work on a 8h day base of workload. A day is charged 230€ excl. VAT. If necessary, additional duty can be included. VAT in France is of 19.6%

I have an economic study to conduct, can I contact you?

We are in an engineering school, but our broad formation allows us to conduct commercial studies and projects. In any case, we can always redirect you to another students' company if we believe we do not have sufficient skill.

Are you reactive all year long?

We slow down during the summer holidays: the second and third year students are having work placements and first years are on holiday. We always try to finish projects before this period.
However, our project managers always try to finish their work when they know from the start the project will overlap on this period. In the worst case, the project is passed on to other students who can finish the project

What are the advantages of turning to a student's company ?

We offer the same services as a consulting firm, but we can also add:
  • Very competitive rates
  • Our projects are lead by the Ecole Des Mines d'Albi students, they have been recruited in the school after a competitive exam and they are highly motivated.