The Work teams

Junior Entreprise Compliance Team:

The JE team is composed of three members of M2AI. Their goal is to create an application for the CNJE (Confederation Nationale des Juniors Entreprises, a quality control norm) to obtain in the first time a “Pepiniere Junior Entreprise” label and then a “Junior Entreprise” label. This team is also used for juridical advices and acts as an intern control body.

The Forum Entreprises Team :

M2AI organises, with the EMAC, the Forum of l'Ecole des Mines d'Albi. This forum is staged for an afternoon, and brings heads of companies and school students together. This year, 20 companies and 350 visitors are expected.
For details, you can visit this page or contact :

Internal Communication Team

This team's major role is to contact companies to find projects. It is also responsible for the long term contacts with our partners

External Communication Team

It is the link between the association and the school's student. It is also a link between members of the association. It launches recruitment campaigns when projects are initiated.

IT Team

Administrates the association's websites (internal and public sites). It also serves as a consultant for projects linked to Informatics.