Central bureau

The association is supervised and managed by a central bureau made of 5 students. They are legally responsible for the association's acts and occupy leading posts. The central bureau is elected at the same time as the governing board during a member's General Assembly in December

The Chairman: Yahya Benchekroun

Heads the association

The Vice Chairmen : Julien Perez

The vice Chairman runs M2AI with the Chairman. He assists him during the meetings with the various working teams. During a whole year, he learns the tasks of a Chairman in order to be ready to take the lead when he will leave for a work placement.

The Treasurer : Billy Seng

Main person in charge of general accounting. Every year, he makes a balance sheet, which is checked by a public accountant. He has an assistant that will take his place the following year.

The Assistant Treasurer : Paul-Alain Pichereau

The Executive Secretary : Jean Paillard

The secretary is in charge of the whole administrative work for M2AI. He has to write the meeting proceedings, the speeches and official papers. He is also in charge of archiving and filling documents. He trains the Secretary who will step into his footprints during work placement time.