Study leading

After we received a request from a company, we use the following guidelines:

  1. Choose a project manager within our pool. He is chosen on his motivation and studying qualities. We give him first hand information on the project.
  2. The project manager then contacts the company. He eventually gets help from M2AI for first description and comprehension of the project.
  3. The project manager hands to the Chairman and the board a first draft of the project and a plan of action
  4. He conducts a feasibility research.
    • Is the project feasable ? Does it follow our knowledge domains ?
    • How long will be the project? How many people should work on it?
  5. The project manager chooses co workers for the project. He can use any student in the school, depending on their capacities and willingness.
  6. The project manager makes an estimate, which is signed by the Chairman and sent to the company
  7. The signing of a convention starts the project
  8. During realisation, the company has to pay a deposit
  9. Once the project is finished, we write a report and send the bill to the company.
  10. Once M2AI gets the bill, it repays the students
  11. The project manager ends his work with a pedagogic report kept by M2AI.